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Guitar, Percussion, Keyboards, Pro Audio, Print Music, Brass

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Fender Presision Bass, - Ampeg SVT-810E Cab, - Ampeg SVT-Classic Head, BBE 482i Sonic Max, MXR Distortion +, EH Memory Boy Delay, -Monster Cables, and Livewire Elite cables, Brawley Artemis Bas, epiphone valve jr

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Nirvana, Black Sabbath (Ozzy era only), Muse, rage against the machine, Brian Bromberg, The Beastie Boys, At The Gates, Johnny Cash, Iron Maiden, Jewel, Norah Jones, Did I mention tool?, most classic rock and southern rock., Style MiSia real hip hop., old gospel tunes, Pretty much anything real. No point and click music for me.

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Retail Manager - N

Today is victory over yourself of yesterday; tomorrow is your victory over lesser men. - Musashi

About Me

Hi everyone! I'm Steven from the Music & Arts Center in Riverside Ca!

A little about myself: I'm mainly a bass player but, I also play Upright Bass (no Bow), Guitar, Uke, Mandolin, and pretty much anything with frets. I also love to play Drum Set.  I've been playing music since I was 10 years old.


I've worked at a few music shops, some big and some small. Music & Arts takes the cake as the best of both worlds. Our lesson program is second to none. Our rental program is Awesome. Our selection and prices of Brass and Woodwinds cannot be beat. Really!


At the Riverside store we have a blast! We're always throwing up Hi-Fives and having fun. We always have the music pumpin' and the vibe is always fun.


There's nothing better than going to work everyday and loving what you do. We help people make music! Feel free to call me directly when you have questions about Lessons, School Rentals, Guitars or your crazy, odd, hard to find music sheets. We can get anything you need and we'll work hard to get it fast!


See you in the shop!






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