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Proud Rooster


(Audio Engineering & Tech Courses)


Guitar, Pro Audio, Accessories, Drums & Percussion

Musical Interests

Blues, Jazz, Rock, Funk, Bluegrass


Retail Manager - N

"Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life."

- Berthold Auerbach

About Me

I've been playing music ever since I can remember. I starting taking piano lessons in the 4th grade and immediately fell in love with all types of music from jazz to blues, New Orleans funk to southern rock and even some country. In the 8th grade I first heard Stevie Ray Vaughan and asked my parents for a guitar, I've been hooked ever since. I currently play weekly with my band Proud Rooster playing everthing from blues to rock and some bluegrass. I'm also currently working towards my degree in Audio engineering and some day hope to own a studio of my own. Feel free to contact me or come on in to our store for any of your muscial needs.

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