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Music, even in situations of the greatest horror, should never be painful to the ear but should flatter and charm it, and thereby always remain music.” -Wolfgang A. Mozart

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For the past nine years, Tahlla has taught many students of varying skill level on clarinet, flute, saxophone, piano, voice, and music theory. Every single student has come out of her lessons with more knowledge and the confidence to practice and perform in UIL, TMEA, and in their own band programs. Tahlla’s approach to teaching private lessons is simple: determine the strengths and weaknesses the student has and then use those strengths to overcome the weaknesses. This often includes a wide variety of skill testing at the beginning leading into specific exercises and pieces to challenge the student and let them grow. Tahlla not only will help students excel in music, but with taking private lessons with her students will also gain problem solving skills, learn to work within timelines to complete projects, learn to cope with stress, and learn how to take pride in an accomplishment. Furthermore, the weekly focus and daily practice guide she gives to her students will help build responsibility, time management, and organization. With Tahlla’s private lessons you will feel like you are growing every lesson and finding that you enjoy music even more. 
Tahlla T has over nine years of music experience in the Fort Worth area.
Tahlla T is proficient in and teaches Keyboard and Piano Lessons


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