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Hello! My name is Tad Howley, and I'm happy to be a part of the Music and Arts team. It's a privilege to work alongside such great musicians and outstanding teachers. My primary instrument is the trombone, which I'm currently studying at Towson University. I play mainly on an Edwards T-350, but I also have a Conn 2H Wurlitzer Professional that I use for small combos and jazz performances.

My degree program at Towson is for Music Education, and through that I've become proficcient at all the standard band and orchestra instruments. I also play a variety of folk instruments, such as the harp, bodhran, and ocarina, and sing in a barbershop quartet called Player 4.

Outside of Music and Arts, you can usually find me with the Baltimore Gamer Symphony Orchestra, a community group that focuses on performing videogame music. I've been with the orchestra for four years, and have been one of the primary conductors since March of 2016.

I'm always happy to chat about anything and everything musical! Hope to see you in my store sometime!

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