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Thomas Minuto Jr.


The saying you "can't teach an old dog new tricks" is wrong. You can teach anyone new tricks, no matter their age or skill level. Everyone is equal in my book. Positivity and praise is a better tool for teaching, than harsh criticism.

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Bachelors Degree in Music at Stony Brook, Associates Degrees in Visual and Performing Arts at NVCC

Favorite Bands

Gentle Giant, Yes, Fleetwood Mac, R.E.M., Meshuggah, The Red Chord, Animals as Leaders, Mastodon

Favorite Instruments

Guitar, Bass Guitar, Voice, Piano, Ukulele

Musical Interests

Music Composition, Performance

Performance Experience

NVCC Choir, Sang in a choir for Kenny Rogers, Imperium Mortis (bass player), Beat The Doll (singer)

Specialties / Genres Taught

Pop, Rock, Alternative, Country, Metal, Avant-Garde, Indie

Teaching Experience

Teacher here at Music and Arts in Commack

About Thomas Minuto Jr.

Hello All!

I am a music composer and teacher here at Music and Arts in Commack, NY. In high school l I was a part of the choir and was in a rock band. In college I joined the NVCC choir and was hand picked among the members to sing with Kenny Rogers at a Christmas Concert at Foxwoods in CT. I then joined two metal bands, one as a lead singer (Beat The Doll) and one as a bass player (Imperium Mortis). Afterward, I moved to Long Island to obtain my Bachelors Degree in Music at Stony Brook University. There I sang in the Camerata Choir. I now am a music composer currently talking among indie video gamers and movie makers sending demos of music to be a part of media entertainment. I love music and I love teaching my passion of music. Although all the above experience is important to me, I do not consider it to be a determining factor of accomplishment. I just want to see my name in the credits of a film or video game and I just want to make my students happy and feel the music. If the students and I work together we can achieve great things!


Thomas Minuto Jr.

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