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T. Alan Lucia, BS, BA, M. Ed, International Studies Ancient/Contemporary Lore; Ret. CPO, U.S. Navy Band

T. Alan Lucia began his music career with a small town New England Drum Corp, back in 1966. Some of the basic snare drumming techniques (Rudiments) used around the world were learned back in those days. Finding that he liked the physical sounds and challenges involved with playing percussion, Alan took the next step and began a regime of private drum set (drum kit) lessons, under the tutelage of Mr. John Soroka, a one-time U.S. Army Musician.

This concentration on drum kit studies was shortly enhanced when, at the age of 12, Alan joined a local variety music group, "The Goldenaires." This four-piece group performed local weddings, parties, etc., up through most of Alan's high school years. With the help of older band members and parents, a considerable amount of musical experience was gained, resulting toward the end of high school in a partial scholarship to Berklee School of Music in Boston, Mass.

Opting to begin a professional music career straight out of high school, Alan bypassed the Berklee opportunity, and instead auditioned for, and won a chance to become a working musician in the U.S. Navy's Music Program. That chance was realized fully when, after attending the Armed Forces School of Music, Norfolk, VA, in 1977, he graduated "First-in-Class," and hence became assigned to work with the U.S. Naval Academy Band, Annapolis, MD., as a founding member of the Jazz/Rock group, The Electric Brigade; a group that, after thirty-plus years is still serving the musical needs of U.S. Midshipmen, and the extended Naval Community.

In 1980 Alan was transferred to The Navy Band, Washington, DC, where he worked with the Full Honors Ceremonial Band, the Commander's Jazz Trio, and eventually the Jazz/Rock group, TOPSIDE. While in Washington, Alan, by then Chief Musician Lucia, regularly performed musical support for visiting Heads of State at the US State Department, the Vice President's Residence, the White House, the Pentagon, numerous Congressional Buildings, various Embassies, and Arlington National Cemetery, as well as both around the United States and in Europe.

In addition to the military musical work accomplished during these years, Alan taught private music lessons, continued his personal educational efforts on the collegiate level, helped to raise a family of three children with the awesome lead of his wife and best friend of 38 years, and performed with many local civilian music groups. The result of these efforts saw him complete post high school studies in the areas of 1) BA, Religion, 2) BS, Sociology/Music, and 3) M Ed, Education (concentration in Science), each from different schools; too include The University of the State of New York (Regents College), and Old Dominion University, Va., and finally recently graduating from a 7 year program of studies concerning Ancient and Contemporary Lore (Traditions in Literature).

Local civilian bands over the years included:

- The Trux Baldwin Starlight Orchestra of German Town, MD

- The Dough Sorenson Big Band of Clinton, MD

- The Judy Glass Rock Band of Annapolis, MD

- The Gene Dinottee Music Agency of Washington, DC

- The Fantasy Rock/Variety Band (Brian Kidd, Leader) of N. VA

- The Somethin' Else Music Agency of Waldorf, MD

- The Murphy's 2nd Law Classic Rock Band of Manassas, VA


Mr. Lucia worked as a professional drummer for the U.S. Naval Academy Rock/Jazz Band, the Electric Brigade (late ‘70s), touring with them on behalf of the U.S. Navy. Later Chief Musician Lucia became a member of the U.S. Navy Band in Washington, DC, where he worked with the Ceremonial Band, the Jazz Trio, and the Rock/Jazz Band, Topside (’80 – ’00). During his nearly quarter century on military active duty as a musician he completed college degrees in the disciplines of Religion, Sociology/Music (BA- Regents College of New York), Education (M Ed- Old Dominion University), and most recently, the earning of an eight-year Journeyman Credential in Global Lore Studies (’15). He’s been teaching musical principles to individual students since ‘78. He’s otherwise an experienced social counsellor, and ordained Christian Clergyman---working as the spiritual leader of a 501c interfaith church for 7 years (’05-’11)---and most recently, exploring interests in the world of writing, becoming a published author of both fiction and prose (’11 – currently). Rev. Lucia additionally holds the Dean’s Chair for the Lore Department of an international cyber school. Yet, of all these things, Music, being his first love, continues to be an area of great enjoyment; an area of art/performance he helps others learn as they attempt to better their personal lives and learning skills. And most importantly to him, Rev. Lucia has been married for 40 years, and, with his truly talented, capable wife, has raised 3 children to adulthood.

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