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Why hello there. My journey through the sonority of music began with my elder brother's joining of the school band program when I was but a wee 3rd grader. I became enamored with the program and joined as soon as it became available to me in the late years of elementary school. My investment in musical activities only grew throughout my middle school and high school days, resulting in my performing as a multi-saxophonist in a number of concert bands, jazz bands, pit orchestras, and even in a symphonic orchestra as a bassoonist. At the end of my high school career I began receiving opportunities to perform semi-professionally in the pit orchestras of local musicals as well as part of a 9 piece funk and soul band that performs in Denver. For the last few years I have been expanding my repertoire by studying voice and piano as well as self teaching flute and clarinet and performing in indoor marching percussion. I have since been pursuing my college studies simultaneously in jazz performance and science / mathematics.

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