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About Victoria

Hi everyone! Did you make a beautiful sound today? I hope so!

My name is Victoria Williams, and I have been working as a professional singer and performer for almost my entire life. I got my first stage show at 8 years old (Once Upon A Mattress), made my symphony debut as an amateur soloist at 14, and began studying vocal pedagogy at 16. And I've been doing it ever since!

With all of that experience comes a deep desire to not just teach students, but to learn from them. I enjoy teaching private voice at all levels, but especially with novice/early beginner singers. My personal teaching philosophy stresses the importance of being a vocal musician, having a holistic understanding of our bodies as our instruments, and the overall health of the musician. I am classically trained, and I specialize in classical for my own voice, but I am open to teaching most any genre, so long as we are using the voice in a healthy way to produce a glorious, natural sound.

My goal as your private voice teacher is not to make your voice into a particular sound; my goal is to help you learn how your voice works, and hopefully, in time, to love the sounds you produce. Your voice is the only one like it; I hope that you will trust me to help you make it sparkle.


Looking forward to working with singers in the Oxon Hill area! Let's all make  joyful noise!

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