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Teaches Guitar, Voice, Bass Guitar

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Guitar, Voice, Bass Guitar

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Guitar, Voice, Bass Guitar

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Will Dawson
Guitar, Voice, Bass Guitar
Teaches all styles, but specializes in rock and heavy metal.
B.M. in Guitar Performance (contemporary styles) from Musician’s Institute, Hollywood, CA.
Will started his musical journey by playing the saxophone in his middle school band, where he played alto sax the first year, tenor the next, and bari sax his third year. His 8th grade year, he was lucky enough to be put into the new men’s choir against his will, which he tolerated well enough. By the end of high school, he had received the highest marks in statewide band and choir competitions in both solo and ensemble performances, taken up guitar and bass guitar, and formed a doo-wop singing group and a rock band which performed regularly.
He attended college at St Olaf College in Northfield, MN, where he was a music theory and composition major with classical/operatic voice as his primary instrument. His studies there also included piano, ear training and stage acting. After two years of being on the waiting list to study with the College’s only guitar instructor, Will arrived for his third year only to find that the instructor was no longer on staff. Time to move on.
He then studied guitar at Musician’s Institute in Hollywood, CA, eventually finishing his Bachelor’s degree despite many leaves of absence in order to pursue bands, tours, and bad record deals. It was during this time that he started teaching, and has continued to teach a mostly full-time schedule for the last 8 years. He has had a great many students continue on to form their own bands or to music school.
In addition to his experience musical and teaching experience, Will is also an instrument repair technician as well as an accomplished recording and live sound engineer. He currently does part-time audio work for movies and video games.
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