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Senior Sales Associate

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Hi, my name is William and I am a team member here at Music & Arts! I grew up listening to music and playing as well, in anything from a rock band to a jazz ensemble to an orchestra! I am an avid music listener and an audio engineer. Needless to say I am an audio geek and proud of it! My instrument of choice is drum set, but I hope to become proficient in guitar, piano, and many other instruments! One dream of mine is to operate a multi-faceted music emporium complete with a recording studio, a workshop for manufacturing custom pro audio equipment, and a retail store! Dream big am I right? I am passionate about encouraging kids to get involved with music, because it has had a truly profound impact on my life. Bonus fact: I love bacon cheeseburgers.

Likes: Mashed Potatoes

Fears: Spiders and tight spaces

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