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William Zuccarini, a Howard County native, has been pursuing music since age 7.  For him, what started as a promising interest in classical piano and jazz keyboard, quickly evolved into an obsession with electric guitar, particularly rooted in Blues and Rock. 

 A self-taught, ear trained musician, Will spent many of his years soaking up all of the music he could without the aid of formal training.  Favorite genres included: Jazz, Rock, Funk, Classical, Blues, Bossa, Metal, Pop, and even some Electronica!  

 Years after leaving the journalism pursuit Will enrolled in Towson University where he studied solo classical guitar with Professor Michael Decker.   In his years at Towson, he also took guitar pedagogy courses, educational method classes, performed and accompanied in various local and national venues, and was a student performer in a master class with world-renowned guitarist, Odair Assad. 

 After completing a full student internship in Howard County Public School System, Will has just recently received his Bachelors of Science in K-12 Music Education from Towson, with a focus in Guitar, Choral, and General music. 

 From Will: 

 “Over the last several years, I have found a true calling for education.  So much so, that I want to make a lifelong career out of it.   I believe that education, as it applies to private music lessons should be a highly individualized practice.  There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach for any student and that is part of fun and enjoyment of being a teacher: the variety of the learner!  With my students, I like to create a lot of dialogue about their daily lives, what good music they’re listening to, and what they want to learn or improve on.  ”

 In addition to pursuing a career in music and education, Will can also be found repairing, modifying, and building guitars in his small home workshop, known by several local customers and musicians as, Z-Guitarz Custom Shop. 

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