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Linkin Park

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Clarinet, Piano

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MSU Magnificent Marching Machine, MSU Symphonic Band


Senior Sales Associate

About Me

Hi! My name is Yusufamir Fenwick, Senior Sales Associate for Music & Arts in Greenbelt. I am a Musician/Teacher and a 2018 graduate from Morgan State University with a Bachelor of Arts in Music. I specialize in Woodwind Instruments, my main instrument being the Clarinet which I have been playing for 16 years and my secondary the Piano that I have played for 10 years now. I've played in a few ensembles those being, The Morgan State University Magnificent Marching Machine, The Morgan State University Symphonic Band, and The Reid Temple AME Church Orchestra. As well as being a Musician, I am also a Teacher and Private lessons Instructor in Washington DC, my future goal is to become a licensed Music Teacher in the State of Maryland.

I enjoy Teaching and Performing most genres of music, including Classical, Romantic, Jazz, Gospel, and Go-Go.

I wish to help students cultivate a love for music by following this slogan, "Music for Every Child; Every Child for Music." In essence, if we help to make music a part of every child's life, then they will spend a lifetime following and engaging in the musical arts.

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