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About Yutaka

Drummer/composer Yutaka Uchida is a Tokyo native who has established his career in and around New York City. He is a magna cum laude graduate of Berklee College of Music where he majored in jazz composition and was awarded Berklee Achievement Scholarship Award and Louie Bellson Award for his outstanding performance. As a versatile and creative drummer, Yutaka has worked extensively with numerous artists from diverse genres worldwide. He has toured internationally with such renowned artists as Phishbacher, Elisabeth Lohninger, Nobuki Takamen and Tatsu Kisaragi, and has made appearances at prestigious music festivals such as Montreal Jazz Festival, Hartford Jazz Festival, DC Jazz Festival, and NYC CultureFest to name a few. Current projects he is involved with include some of the most creative jazz/fusion groups in New York such as The Archi-tet whose music has been featured on a TV program in Japan; award-winning composer/guitarist Noshir Mody’s ethnic-fusion sextet; as well as his own electro-acoustic instrumental group MUSOH. He is also a core member of Mascot’s Distance, where he contributes as a drummer, backup singer and an arranger to its sophisticated jazz-inflected pop that has garnered critical acclaims. As a composer he was awarded grants twice for his cutting-edge original works and successfully held concerts for New York's most discerning audiences. Yutaka's name is credited on over a dozen full length albums as a sideman, as well as on his first album as the leader “Living Together,” which features 10 original tunes of his, displaying his talent not only as a drummer but also as a composer, a music director and a producer. All About Jazz gave it a rave review saying, “… it is easily one of the top outings of the year [2007].”


Career Highlights


Festival Appearances:

DC Jazz Festival 2016 (Nobuki Takamen Trio) 

DC Jazz Festival 2015 (Nobuki Takamen Trio)

Hartford Jazz Festival 2010 (Nobuki Takamen Group)

Montreal Jazz Festival 2009 (Nobuki Takamen Group)

Calgary Jazz Festival 2009 (Nobuki Takamen Group)

Medicine Hat Jazz Festival 2009 (Nobuki Takamen Group)

New York Anime Festival 2008 (Love etc.)

Brooklyn Cherry Blossom Festival 2008 (Love etc.)

White Plains Cherry Blossom Festival 2005-2008 (WaFoo)

NYC CultureFest 2004 (WaFoo)


International Tours:

Phishbacher European Tour, May/June 2009, October/November 2009, March/April 2010

Nobuki Takamen Japan Tour, October/November 2008

Love etc. Japan Tour, October 2007

Yutaka Uchida Quartet Japan Tour, October 2007



Noshir Mody / A Burgeoning Consciousness (2018)

Shu Odamura / Cloud Illusions (2016)

Noshir Mody / Stories from the Years of Living Passionately (2014)

The Archi-tet / Red Blankey (2013)

The Archi-tet / The Archi-tet 2 (2012)

Nobuki Takamen / Live at Iridium (2010)

Phishbacher / Live in Europe (2010)

George Dulin Quartet / Where’s Johnny? (2010)

Mascot’s Distance / Chasing Pixie Dust on a Cheese-a-cycle (2009)

The Archi-tet / The Archi-tet (2008)

WaFoo / Organic Mood (2008)

Yutaka Uchida / Living Together (2007)

Others: Anti-Elevator Mission, Love etc., Tatsu Kisaragi, Eishin Nose, Sophya Grace, Michelangelo, Bon Chic Bon Genre, etc.


Local Performances:


Yutaka Uchida Quartet, MUSOH, Noshir Mody Ensemble, Shu Odamura Trio, George Dulin Disband, 6th Street Trio, Dre Barnes Project, WaFoo, Nobuki Takamen Group, The Archi-tet, Phishbacher, Walter Fischbacher Trio, Matt Panayides Group, Anti-Elevator Mission, Alan Rosenthal Trio, Dave Caruso Trio, Eishin Nose Trio, Mubala, Andy McDonough, Sean Nowell, Alan Chaubert, Bob Kaiser, Kris Kaiser, Don Hahn, Vinnie Rugieri, Rana Farhan, Laurent Medelgi and many others


Mascot's Distance, Love etc., Sophya Grace, Michelangelo, Robert Urban Band and others


Michael V. Doane, Andrew Suvalsky, Soul Kitchen, Bon Chic Bon Genre and others


MUSOH, Yutaka Uchida Quartet, WaFoo, Jordon Rothstein, Love etc. and others

<Music Director/Producer>

MUSOH, Yutaka Uchida Quartet, WaFoo and others

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