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Zachary Worthy


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Simplicity is the highest goal, achievable when you have overcome all difficulties.  ~ Frederick Chopin

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Current Projects

Composing a set of classical piano sonatas, Recording a solo jazz piano album


A.A Associate of Arts in Musical Education

Musical Interests

Concert Music (Classical and Romantic era), Jazz (Especially the great American standards), Broadway, Opera, Orchestral/Symphonic, Barber Shop Quartets

Performance Experience

Lounge piano at many restaurants, Solo classical piano recitals, Jazz trio performances at many restaurants and events, Played in the pit orchestra for the Hub Opera performance of La Boheme and Turn Of the Screw, Played in the pit orchestra for over a dozen theatre productions

Areas of Instruction


Teaching Experience

Over 15 years private piano lessons, Taught group piano classes at Hagerstown Community College

Levels Taught


Specialties / Genres Taught

Classical/Concert piano, Jazz piano, Broadway, Gospel, Funk, Soul, R&B

About Zachary Worthy

Over 15 years teaching experience including private piano lessons and group piano classes in a large variety of styles. 

I have a lifetime of musical experience starting at a young age which includes teaching private and group piano lessons, playing lounge piano for restaurants, rehearsal piano for theatre productions, accompanying wind and string instruments for various recitals and programs, playing for orchestras and operas, playing in numerous jazz, soul and funk bands, playing for many different churches, and performing solo classical piano recitals. I am therefore proficient and experienced in an extensive and varied repertoire of styles including classical and concert music, jazz, broadway, soul, funk, gospel, rock and pop.  

I believe students learn best when they enjoy what they are doing and are pushed to overcome difficulties and challenges to constantly improve. I believe learning should be both fun and productive. I especially believe in building a strong fundamental foundation in piano technique while minimizing bad habits, so students may tackle as many challenges as possible going forward. I also believe strongly in giving students the opportunity to perform as much as possible in front of other people so that they may showcase their talents if they wish to.

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