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Tuners. A must for the practicing musician.


Tuners. A must for the practicing musician.

by Charles


Tuners are one of the most important things a musician can and should have. 


Tuners come in a few different styles depending on the needs of the musician, but our main focus will be on the popular clip-on style tuner, brought to the forefront by Snark and Delta Lab.


These tuners can be used by either a built in microphone on the unit or by detecting the vibration of the instrument.  This second option is ideal for high sound level situations where other tuning methods would be ineffective, but is also very effective for home use. These tuners are chromatic, so you will have to know what pitch you are trying to tune to in order to use the unit properly.  These tuners work equally well with all instruments and is highly recommended by teachers everywhere. Many clip on tuners also feature metronome functionality as well, which can aid in keeping time in a loud atmosphere.


Come on down to the store and we can discuss various tuner options in further detail. Whether you are a new player, parent of a musician, or a seasoned pro, we have the product knowledge to fit you with the best tuner for your needs.