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The school year is over, what do I do with my instrument?


The school year is over, what do I do with my instrument?

Edit Delete Hello, everyone!Many of you are getting your summer plans in order and are planning great vacations.  One thing many people don't make plans for is their rental instrument.  Now is a great time to talk to your student to see how they feel about their instrument as by now many of them have been playing for at least a year.  It's important now to figure out your musical... View More

How to restring you guitar

You would be amazed at what a difference a fresh set of strings will do for your acoustic or electric guitar, new strings = brighter more balanced tone, easier feel to your fingers and improved sustain overall.  In this weekly instalment, I will discuss basic guitar maintenance tips to keep your instrument in great playing condition.  Our first topic will be restringing your acoustic guitar, let’s... View More

Awesome summer savings

by Charles
We are offering some of the best deals of the year for musicians young to old. Whether you are looking for that first guitar or a pro level horn, we have great discounts and financing options for instruments across the board. Stop by the store or give us all call, and we can help you find that perfect instrument for the summer months. View More

Tuners. A must for the practicing musician.

by Charles
  Tuners are one of the most important things a musician can and should have.    Tuners come in a few different styles depending on the needs of the musician, but our main focus will be on the popular clip-on style tuner, brought to the forefront by Snark and Delta Lab.   These tuners can be used by either a built in microphone on the unit or by detecting the... View More

Ukulele Madness

Hello Everyone! If you live in the Fairfield area, I encourage all of you to pick up a copy of the latest Fairfield Magazine. Inside you will find an excellent article about the ukulele focused mainly around our own resident uke instructor Peter "Uncle Zac" Zacaggnino. The article details much about the rise in the instrument's popularity and it's history. If you don't know who Uncle Zac is you can... View More