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Fox Valley Performance Nights!


Fox Valley Performance Nights!

by Adam



Here at the Fox Valley Music & Arts, we strive to elevate our place in the community and establish ourselves as a cut above your average music retail store.  With that goal in mind, we provide many events aimed for different types of players.  As the store manager, one of my favorite types of events are the Fox Valley Performance Nights that we tend to host every few months. 

During our performance nights, which are hosted right here at the store in the Fox Valley area, we basically combine the best attributes of a student recital and a local open mic.  During the first half of the event, students who take lessons at the store are able to engage in a performance setting and perform any etudes, excercises, or songs that they have been recently working on.  The second half of the night becomes a little more loose in its structure, and the atmosphere shifts to be that of an open mic/jam session.  On certain nights, we've even added a karaoke section at the very end to allow anyone with a desire to perform a tune get up on stage!



Performing during the recital portion of the Fox Valley Performance Night is something we encourage to all Music & Arts students, as it introduces them to the concept of playing in a live performance atmosphere.  This tends to increase confidence and act as a reward to the student for their hard work.  By combining the "recital" ascpect with the "open mic" aspect, recital students have the added benefit of performing for people in the outside community in addition to their family and friends.



Performing by yourself or with your friends for a new audience is what open mics are all about!  At the Fox Valley Performance Night, we love to hear what the local musicians are up to and waht they sound like.  We always see a wide range of performers attend the performance night, from local professionals to musicians that are just getting their start in the area.  By combining the "open mic" ascpect with the "recital" aspect, open mic performers have the added benefit of playing for families of students at the store and reaching a wider audience with their music.


If you are a performer, student, or someone who enjoys listening to local music, call the Fox Valley Music & Arts at 630-577-0820 and get yourself added to the Fox Valley Performance Night call/email list, so you can know when the next event night will be held.  See you on the stage!!