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    • Ally
    • Senior Sales Associate - Fox Valley
    • Whether it was a Queen concert DVD, a Miles Davis album, or a Tchaikovsky waltz at Christmastime, there was always music playing in the home and in the car when I was growing up, leaving me with such a wide range of musical influences. I first fell in...
    • Andy
    • Retail Manager - N - Fox Valley
    • My love for music was first instilled in me by my father; driving in his car on various errands in my childhood, we listened to everything from Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin to Stravinsky's The Rite of Spring and Mahler's Symphonies. From a young age, music...
    • Casey
    • Senior Sales Associate - Fox Valley
    • Hi I'm Casey! I am the trumpet expert here at the Fox Valley store, and I'm here to help you with your brass needs. I started my musical life way back in elementary school when I picked up the trumpet for the first time. More recently though, I graduated...
    • Shawna
    • Senior Sales Associate - Fox Valley
    • As a vioilnist for over fifteen years. I truly love music. I started my musical journey in fifth grade, playing in my elementary school's orchestra. Once I reached high school I joined the Fox Valley Youth Symphony Orchestra and played with them...