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Experts in Germantown, 20876

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    • Alyssa
    • Senior Sales Associate - Germantown
    • Aly was surrounded by music from a young age and grew up watching her father perform on stage. Music was a large part of her household and she remembers someone always singing a tune. Once she was big enough to hold a guitar, she started learning how...
    • Jessica
    • Retail Manager - N - Germantown
    • Hi, my name is Jessica. I play percussion, handbells, and a little piano. Growing up, I took piano lessons but it was too calm for my personality. So when middle school came around and I got to choose my instrument, percussion was my first choice. I played...
    • Sophia
    • Retail Sales Associate - Germantown
    • Sophia is a vocalist from a small town in Colorado with a passion for Rhythm & Blues. Sophia grew up participating in every choir she could spare time for, including middle and high school select and honor choirs. She first started performing solos...