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Brass Mouth Piece 101


Brass Mouth Piece 101

by Kaitlyn

"Do you sell Brass Mouthpieces (Trumpet, Trombone, Baritone, Euphonium, French Horn, Tuba, etc.)?"

This is a question we at the Gilbert Music & Arts Store get daily. 

We definitely do!


The reason why this is the topic of our blog this morning is because Brass mouthpieces don't come in just one shape or size or even material. We want to know who is playing the instrument. Are they a beginner or are they someone who is going for college audtions since it's that time of the year? Do they go to a specific school because depending on what school, the band director is most likely going to have requirements for them to play on. We service most school districts and we are sure we know what moutpiece you need! 

But ... Why different sizes? Why different "cups"? Why is it that there are millions of option to choose from and which one do YOU choose? 


It can be overwhelming and if you are not able to come to the store and ask us in person. I will give you a little 101 class on what makes a brass mouth piece different and hopefully you will feel more confident to choose the right one on your own! 


The chart above shows you what each part of the mouthpiece is. The Rim describes the Width and the Cup defines the Depth. 


What are some of the options and What makes them different? 


  • WIDE: It will increase the endurance of both the mouthpiece and the player 
  • NARROW: Improves the flexibility of the tone
  • ROUND: Improves comfort for the player
  • SHARP: Increases precision of attack


  • LARGE: Increase volume and control 
  • SMALL: Relieves fatigues and weakness
  • DEEP: Darkens tone, especially in lower registers 
  • SHALLOW: Brightens tone and improves the response espcially in the higher register


  • LARGE: increases frequency in airflow, volume and tone 
  • SMALL: Increases resistance, endurance and brilliance in tone. 


  • This is based on the combination of the demensions above. This helps balance out the tone quality of all of those above. 

This is a chart made for Bach Mouthpieces. There are plenty of other mouthpiece makers out there but Bach is the most frequently asked for and or bought. 


Check out a short video on how they make them:

Click HERE



Want to learn more? Don't hesitate to call or stop by the store!



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