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Ever Wondered what is in your student's instrument? - Maintenance-


Ever Wondered what is in your student's instrument? - Maintenance-

by Kaitlyn

I am writing to all of you to help better your knowledge on how to properly go about cleaning an instrument. Believe it or not people can get very sick if the instrument is not cleaned properly. The pizza your student had last week is most likely still sitting in your student's instrument.... You may want to rethink purchasing another cleaning set or strictly purchasing for the first time!

This article will help you understand what can be the cause of not cleaning a woodwind:


Saxophone Lung

Although the title of this blog has "SAXOPHONE" in it, this effects any instrument that requires air to be blown into them. This includes the brass family as well. If you would like to learn more about cleaning brass instruments, click the link below. That should clear up the confusion on why it is important to continue to clean your instrument!

Trumpet Cleaning gone Bad


If you are wondering about these things feel free to stop on by. We would be happy to help with the prevention from these things happening! We aren't just a "store" where you come and go, we have knowledgeable staff to help answer any of the questions or concerns you may have for your student or yourself!


Some cleaning supplies to consider purchasing to help with the prevention: 

1) Care Kit Click on the link to help better direct you to the specific instrument supplies you need!

2) Send it in for REPAIR!!! Cleaning is the number one thing our Technicians strongly encourage you do at least once a year! If you click the link you can see what our repair shops are like!