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Playing with Our Food


Playing with Our Food

Being a strings player, I never really knew much about woodwind instruments.  Working with Music and Arts has been an eye-opening and educational experience, which I have enjoyed every single minute of.  Clarinets, for example, have always been fascinating to me, and after spending much time with Liz Flood (Retail Store Manager of our Gilbert, Arizona location - and a clarinet player herself) I've learned so very much about the instrument that I never knew before.

Clarinets are made from a variety of materials, student level instruments are typically made of a molded plastic resin where high end professional models are made from a specialty Grenadilla wood that is hand bored and cut.  The material that the instrument is made from is a large factor in the sound quailty that it produces, Grenadilla instruments producing a rich, full sound when compared to a student level resin based instrument.

As a perpetual student myself, I decided to take to the internet to learn more about clarinets, howe they are made, and the factors that go into the sound that they produce.  After doing my research, and learning much, I couldn't help but click on the "related videos" tab where I found something even more peculiar, yet interesting.   Musical Food.  As a musician, I couldn't help but enjoy these videos, and I couldn't think of a better place to share them.  This puts a whole new meaning on "playing with your food."

Bon Apetit!