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What music does Gilbert Music & Arts Carry? -ALFRED EDITION-


What music does Gilbert Music & Arts Carry? -ALFRED EDITION-

by Kaitlyn


Alfred Edition Review:

Ever wondered about the break down of each method that Alfred puts out for inspiring piano player? There are all ages taht want to take on the challenge to learn but how do you know what method to use? Alfred is one of the many methods we carry and use in our store. It has the whole spectrum of Lesson, Technic, Theory, Performance, Repetoire, Supplements to the seires all the way to notespellar and Classical folios. Explore the many series that Alfred publishes and come on in to take a look at them!

Alfred's Music for Little Mozarts: 

The innovative Musical Instruction for ages 4-6. This is super interactive for the younger beginner who tends to like to be more hands on with their learning. There are other things that come with this series as well.

 Alfred's Prep Course:

This course is for the younger beginner as well. Reccomended for ages 5-7. This course is a newer version of the series where it keeps the songs easy and fun, the melodies entertaining and gives the teacher a little more interaction time with the student. 

Alfred's Basic Piano Library: 

This method is a versitile method that allows the instructor to design curiculums for specific age groups and individual students. If you have a student that you cannot seem to find the right method to teach with, this method has many other supplements with it that will make learning fun!

Alfred's Premier Piano Course:

What is the difference between the Premier Piano Course and Alfred's Basic Piano Libary Method? The Premier Piano Course is a method that will not focus on the "Position Approach," were the method general focus on specific finger positions for specific keys. This course helps students learn about the notes instead of the position and finger, Bass Clef is introduced first so that students can strengthen that skill first, Rhythm is taugh using multi-not patterns rather than singing the notes, and Ear Training/Sight Reading are implemented in with the daily exercise. 

Alfreds Baisc Adult Pion Course:

 This is an introductory cours for adults who are wanting to challenge themselves to learn how to play piano. This has more of a chord approach that way they student can play more than single note melodies. This has an accelerated approach but has the abilty for the student to learn at their own pace. Highly reccomended to use this method with a lesson instructor for guidance and curriculum pace. 


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