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    • Eileyn
    • Retail Sales Associate - Gilbert
    • Hello! My name is Eileyn, and I have been playing trumpet since I was in elementary school. I have been a member of my high school’s concert bands as well as marching band. Throughout my musical career, I have experimented with multiple instruments,...
    • Sarah
    • Retail Manager - N - Gilbert
    • Hello! My name is Sarah. I grew up here in Tucson and got my first taste of playing music in 5th grade playing the violin in the school's orchestra. But I did not stop at Hot Cross Buns. Since then, I've gotten about ten years of experience in the violin....
    • Tyler
    • Senior Sales Associate - Gilbert
    • Hello! My name is Tyler and I first started playing music while growing up in South Korea in 5th grade, with trumpet being my first instrument, but I didn't stop at just learning how to play the trumpet. Eventually, I moved into the lower registers of...