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The Holidays in Los Angeles


The Holidays in Los Angeles

by Nathaly
Yes, everything has changed. Instead of boarding a plane or squeezing into a car explore around the piano. Take a trip to the Shire, have Adele join you for dinner, frolic with Maria von Trapp, or embrace the warm nostalgia Disney has to offer.  Yes, everything has changed, and the only constant is music. All of these holiday travels are possible with our music books starting at $2.99 and our Williams... View More


by Nick
In-store lessons may have stopped, but that doesn't mean it's time to stop practicing. With Online Lessons you'll be able to reap all the benefits of music lessons from the comfort of your own home. Plus, lessons have always been a fun and great way to learn or simply improve your own music skills. Below you'll find some reasons why we are the best choice for online lessons.   - Music & Arts... View More

Spring is in the air!

by David
Ahh! Spring is in the air. That means a lot to school music students with Spring concerts and recitals in the months of April and May. Now would be a good time to have that brass or woodwind instrument checked over to make sure it is in optimum playing condition. Woodwind instruments (flute, clarinet and saxophone) typically require more periodic service because of the many key mechanisms that can get bent... View More

The Urgency for Busy, Once Aspiring Musicians to Pick Up their Instrument

by Sean
Many times we get so overwhelmed with our day to day jobs or get burnt out that we stare into a black mirror to decompress. Time that we can exert energy into crafting a skill, once a walk in the park, is being relegated to what Martin Heidegger called the "Chatter" (refers to phenomena that focuses on gossip or other trivial distractions). Instead of focusing on a passion we once had, that passion dissipates... View More

Here Comes The Holidays

by David
October is now upon us. It's time to start thinking about the fast approaching holidays. For school students who are taking up an instrument for the first time, it's good for parents to review with them how they're enjoying the experience of learning music. Maybe a brass player is ready for their first mute. A string player may be ready for new strings. We have many useful items here at Music & Arts... View More