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Choosing Your First Guitar


Choosing Your First Guitar

by Adam
   So you've decided to start playing guitar. You walk into your local music store or go online to pick your first guitar. The question is, which one?     The two most popular types of guitar are electric guitar and acoustic guitar. Electric guitars are usually smaller, making them more comfortable and easier to play for smaller musicians. The downside is that to be able... View More

Perks of Renting with Music & Arts

by Nick
Are you wary towards the idea of buying an instrument? Then renting may be the best choice for you! Here are a few perks behind renting with Music & Arts!     - Full return and exchange options! Since people have tendency to change their minds, we allow our rental customers to exchange to another instrument of equal or greater value throughout the life of the agreement. We also allow... View More

Combo Corner: Edition Two

by Sean
Welcome back to another addition of the Combo Corner. Last time we talked about flat wound strings for the Bass, now we will talk about guitar strings. There’s a unique item that we carry in our store that will intrigue our Guitar customers. We, as Guitar players, usually run through strings like crazy, but have no fear, D’Addario has two products that are of great quality and are efficient... View More

Digital Pianos

by Adam
When you start playing piano, it's nice to be able to practice from the comfort of your own home. While acoustic pianos are wonderful to have they're often large, loud and can be expensive. A great alternative is a digital piano.   Digital pianos come in various sizes up to 88-keys. While they often don't have as many settings as other keyboards do, many digital pianos have weighted and touch sensitive... View More

Why You Should Join The Lesson Studio at Music & Arts!

by Nick
Top 5 Reasons to join The Lesson Studio at Music & Arts   1. Nearly 2 MILLION lessons will be given this year!   Ever since it's founding Music & Arts has always been at the forefront of music education. To this day, we remain at the top of the game and will only continue going upwards. If you really want to improve as a musician you would be silly not to join the United... View More