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Combo Corner: Edition Two


Combo Corner: Edition Two

by Sean

Welcome back to another addition of the Combo Corner. Last time we talked about flat wound strings for the Bass, now we will talk about guitar strings. There’s a unique item that we carry in our store that will intrigue our Guitar customers. We, as Guitar players, usually run through strings like crazy, but have no fear, D’Addario has two products that are of great quality and are efficient for Guitar players beginner and professional. The first one is the NYXL0942 model that comes in a black box with pink trim and the second model NYXL1046 with the same concept except with orange trim. NYXL0942 is a lighter gauge string (.09 - .042) for all those beginners out there. It comes with two sets of strings and an Equinox tuner. NYXL1046 is a custom gauge model (.10 - .046) that comes with the two string sets and an Equinox tuner. The strings are regular gauge for the more experienced Guitarists. Both strings are very reliable and resilient. According to D'Addario, they are made with steel alloy and corrosion resistant tin coating to hold a longer pitch and break less than most strings out in the market. The nickel plated steel windings give a 6% increase in magnetic density for higher sound output in the 2 - 5 khz range. Both packages come with a D'Addario Equinox clip-on tuner. The D'Addario Equinox is an innovative tuner that has been released to offer a fast and accurate tuning with a full-color display. Unlike most tuners, that have their display note reader from side to side, the full--color display is set vertically. To tell whether you are sharp or flat, when you're in the red the segment will move up, which means you're sharp. When you're flat the segment will move down and will show up yellow. To know if you're in tune, there will be two blue lines in the middle of the tuner near the note. Another neat feature of this tuner is the multi-swivel design. It gives the musician an excellent viewing position with its double 360 clip that allows the Equinox to be mounted anywhere on the headstock, front or back, allowing the display to be viewed. That pretty much sums it up for this Edition of the Combo Corner. This is your helpful Sales Associate signing off, until next time. If you have any Combo instrument or accessory questions, give our store a call and ask for me or you can also email me on my Sales Associate profile.