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Perks of Renting with Music & Arts


Perks of Renting with Music & Arts

by Nick

Are you wary towards the idea of buying an instrument? Then renting may be the best choice for you! Here are a few perks behind renting with Music & Arts!

  - Full return and exchange options!
Since people have tendency to change their minds, we allow our rental customers to exchange to another instrument of equal or greater value throughout the life of the agreement. We also allow our rental customers to return the rental instrument at any time after the Initial Rental Period
 - Rental Credit!
While you are renting, you earn "credit" toward the purchase of an instrument. This means that once you've decided what instrument you like best, we can help you find your forever instrument at the best price possible.
 - LDW Maintenance!
Repairs and maintenance are included with a Liability Damage Waiver (LDW).This protection plan covers the costs of periodic repairs to the instrument while you are renting. Without the LDW you will be financially responsible for all damage to the instrument beyond normal wear and tear. While it may cost a little extra, periodic maintenence is needed for instruments so, when used correctly LDW is definitely worth it!
 - We Have the Best Instruments!
 We work closely with local teachers to ensure that prospective musicians have the best stuff available to them. All our instruments have been educator approved, that means when you rent from us, you will receive a quality instrument that meets the requirements of any school's music program.
 Those are just a few of the perks of renting with us here at Music & Arts. To get started either rent here on or visit us in store!