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Spring is in the air!


Spring is in the air!

by David

Ahh! Spring is in the air. That means a lot to school music students with Spring concerts and recitals in the months of April and May. Now would be a good time to have that brass or woodwind instrument checked over to make sure it is in optimum playing condition. Woodwind instruments (flute, clarinet and saxophone) typically require more periodic service because of the many key mechanisms that can get bent or out of alignment. Pads and corks wear out as well. Brass instruments (trumpets, trombones, baritone horns, etc.) can have the valves or slides get sluggish or stuck. I can't count how many times over the years panicky parents will come in the night before, or day of a concert because their child told them their horn doesn't work. The best advice is have it checked out a good 2 weeks before the concert or recital. This is something a parent should initiate since many times, the student won't mention a problem until the last minute. I always recommend to parents of school students to bring in their instrument twice a year, Winter break and Spring break for a check up. This will give the student a much better chance to succeed on their instrument as well as better results from their practicing. Be sure they have all the necessary lubrications and cleaning supplies as well. An instrument that is kept up well will give you many more years of service. If we can be of help in any fashion, please contact us here at Music & Arts in Glendora.