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Why You Should Join The Lesson Studio at Music & Arts!


Why You Should Join The Lesson Studio at Music & Arts!

by Nick

Top 5 Reasons to join The Lesson Studio at Music & Arts

1. Nearly 2 MILLION lessons will be given this year!
Ever since it's founding Music & Arts has always been at the forefront of music education. To this day, we remain at the top of the game and will only continue going upwards. If you really want to improve as a musician you would be silly not to join the United States of America's premiere lesson facility and become part of the nation's largest lesson program.
2. Learn from World Class Instructors!
Every one of our instructors is highly qualified and hand-selected based on recommendations from the community. They all have a degree in music, &/or significant teaching and performance experience. Plus, they know how to make learning music fresh and exciting by providing consistent feedback and goal setting for student progress.
3. Online Resources that are exclusive to Music & Arts!
Take your learning outside of the clasroom! Check out all the cool online resources at, there you'll find tons of articles and videos designed to keep students motivated by providing tons of tips and tricks to enhance therir playing!
4. Loads of Performance Opportunities!
Show off all the progress you've made by performing at one of our many store events! Monthy open mic nights and seasonal recitals provide the optimal environment for developing musicians to perfect their craft and learn from their peers. You don't even need to play at every single one, you can just swing on by and support your fellow students & who knows? You might even make some new friends!
Last but, most definitely not least, get even more discounts on top of the already low prices! Lesson students recieve 20% off print and 10% off accesories at all Music & Arts Stores.
Feel free to email or call any of our Music & Arts stores to have an associate begin your journey on becoming a lesson student!