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Get ready to get back to school!


Get ready to get back to school!

by Caitlin
Believe it or not, back to school season is upon us again! If you have a student who will be in band or orchestra in the fall, make sure you've answered these 3 questions:   1) Is your instrument ready? You're a second or third year player? All band and orchestra instruments need regular maintenance, typically two or three times a year. The Music & Arts repair hub services band and... View More

Skip the Summer Slump!

by Caitlin
Your child has been playing their instrument all year in school. Summer break is here, and they're ready to have a ton of fun! Sometimes, this means they get out of their practice habits and forget a lot of the valuable technique they learned in school. A great way to avoid the summer slump is to get your child in lessons! A half hour lesson, once a week, can ensure your student remembers what they've... View More

Spring Cleaning: Instrument Edition

by Caitlin
Did you know the LDW maintenance coverage or IMA coverage you have on your Music & Arts instrument includes regular instrument check ups?   You don't have to wait for your child's instrument to break to send it out to our incredible repair staff. Just like a car, an instrument needs maintenance to work best, and our technicians will play test every aspect of the instrument to get it back into... View More

Open Mic on Friday, 3/16/18

by Caitlin
Want to come show off on your instrument, share music, or listen to other artists share?   Stop by our store on Friday, from 6:30-8:30. All ages and skill levels are welcome. We love hearing trumpet solos, singer songwriters, and every style you can think of! It's free and a great way to debut what you;ve been working on or to entertain the family.   To perform, please call 301-474-1474... View More

Shopping for the Musicians in your Life

by Caitlin
Everbody has a loved one they just hate shopping for. You love your brother, sister, nephew, but they are just SO hard to buy for! But.. not if they're musicians!   We have everything any musician needs to rock out on their instruments, AND helpful elves hired to help you find a gift that matches the exact tastes of the player! We have tons of Christmas and holiday music, adorable instrument... View More