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Student Testimonial- Guitar Teacher Anthony Bosco


Student Testimonial- Guitar Teacher Anthony Bosco

by Caitlin
Greetings Ms. Gompf:

I am writing this email to say thank you.   I came to your store last fall to purchase a few items.  I had no intention of signing on for music lessons.  After several visits, you talked me into it.   That was the first good thing that happened to me; the second good fortune was you matching me with Mr. Anthony Bosco, my guitar instructor.  Since last November, Anthony  has enthusiastically shared his vast knowledge and expertise on the guitar, he has also demonstrated unwavering support and  patience with me.  When I was close to giving up on myself,  Anthony put his excellent teaching and people skills to work and showed me I could learn guitar and enjoy myself while doing so.  Two weeks ago, I came in from a previous class tired and uninspired.  I told Anthony I was so tired I didn’t want to be there.  Fortunately for me,  my weariness didn’t last long.  As always, Anthony made the most of our 30 minutes, I learned several new techniques and felt better for it.  Anthony Bosco made my day.  
Again, I wanted to thank you for convincing me to take guitar lessons with Music & Arts.   And, I wanted to make you aware of  Anthony’s outstanding job performance.  Please pass on my appreciation and best regards to Anthony.  He is a remarkable instructor.  
Best Regards
Carolyn Ford Warren, the senior guitar student
8505 Red Wing Lane
Lanham MD 20706
301 552-3014