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Spring is coming!


Spring is coming!

by Joshua

   As the snow and cold weather fades away we find ourselves looking forward to warmer weather and all the fun that comes with "Upgrade Your Sound" season here at Music and Arts!

   Our teachers are scheduling their spring recitals and giving students the necessary performance opportunitites for them to grow as musicians. Something else that is important for a student to grow musically, is the need to know when it's time to upgrade your instrument. The knowledgeable staff here at the Hagerstown store, as well as our very talented teacher; can help you figure out if it's time for you or your child to take another step forward with a more than "student model" instrument!

   Wether it's taking advantage of our President's Day sales, or making sure to get yourself an appointment at our May 13th Washington County Band Day event, we have the instruments you want to check out, and the knowledge to help you make your decision. Being a guaranteed lowest price dealer, we price match other legitimate dealers up to 30 days after purchase!

   Washington County Band Day is one of the largest band instrument showcases on the east coast of the United States, and appointment times are limited, so be sure you set up an appointment with us today so we can make sure you have an associate skilled on the instrument for you to ask questions with one on one!

   Don't let Spring Break from school catch you sleeping! Make sure you practice your instrument and keep working. Our teachers here at the Hagerstown location can help guide you in your practice and avoid the Spring Break slump! All of our teachers are professional, and are submitted to thorough background checks, so be sure that you find a time for your child to get the individualized one on one attention they need to form the direction and habits they need to take their playing skills to the next level! Sign up while spots are still available!