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Rental Season FAQs


Rental Season FAQs

by Joshua

Now that it's close to back to school time, we are recieving many recurring questions regarding our rental program.  Do you have a new band or orchestra student starting this fall? Then you may have some of these same questions!

Instrument Rental Program:

Q - Your store was recommended to me to rent my kid's instrument.  Can you help me?

A - Here at Music & Arts, we have all the instruments you might need for your child's band or orchestra class this fall!


Q - How much will the rental cost?

A - It depends on the instrument... We group instruments into 3 categories:

     Group A: Violins and Violas ($15 for 3 month trial period, $20/month thereafter).  Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Trombone, Percussion Kits ($15 for 3 month trial period, $26/month thereafter).

     Group B: Alto Saxophone and Cello ($40 for 3 month trial period, $40/month thereafter). Oboe ($50 for 3 month trial period, $50/month thereafter).

     Group C: French Horn, Tenor Saxophone, Baritone/Euphonium, Bass Clarinet, Piccolo ($60 for 3 month trial period, $60/month thereafter).


Q - What happens if the rental instrument is damaged and needs repaired?

A - We offer a maintenance plan for all of our rental customers that will cover the cost of all repairs as long as you are renting for a small monthly fee.  Group A - $5/month.  Group B - $7/month.  Group C - $12/month.  We send them to our local repair shop at our Westerville location, and they are repaired by seasoned technitians who will get your instrument back to tip-top shape!


Q - The music teacher at school gave us a list of things we need in addition to the instrument.  Where can I get them?

A - As the largest band and orchestra retailer in the country, Music & Arts has all the necessary tools for your child's success in class.  We stock all of the supplies that your teacher wants you to have , including your book, music stand, cleaning supplies, and name tag for your case. 


Q - Do you offer lessons?

A - Music & Arts is also the nations largest private lesson's provider in the country, giving about 1.5 million lessons a year!  We have fantastic teachers who have been recommended by the comminuty on almost any instrument.  Talk to a retail associate about signing your student up for private lessons today!  To sign up for lessons, please visit http://www.musicarts.com/MAC-Lessons-g20010t0.mac


Q - Can I purchase the instrument I'm renting?

A - Absolutely!  Our rentals are also 100% rent-to-own, so every payment made goes towards the purchase of the instrument.  We also offer special discounts to rental customers if you choose to purchase early!


Q - What if my child wants to quit playing or wants to choose another instrument?

A - All of our rentals are returnable at anytime.  You can also exchange your rental instrument for another one if the student is unhappy with the one they chose.

To facilitate your instrument rental, please visit http://www.musicarts.com/rentals

I hope this post was able to answer some questions you may have had regarding our rental program.  If you have any further questions, feel free to give us a call at 614.876.9004! Hope to see you soon!