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Clearance Print Advantages


Clearance Print Advantages

by Spencer

Here at the Horsham Music & Arts location, we are lucky enough to be a clearance center for our district. In our clearance print section, we have a variety of pieces for band and orchestra instruments as well as piano and vocal pieces. Whether it's popular music on the radio, video game or movie music, method books, or even karaoke packages, our selection is wide and for a great price.


As a pianist, I love to take advantage of this section of print music. For instance, I can purchase trombone or tuba music to practice sightreading for my left hand since those pieces are all written in bass clef. Similarly, trombones players can use viola music to practice sightreading tenor clef.


If you find yourself walking into Music & Arts with a light wallet, do not fret. Our clearance print section is definitely an area to check out. With daily promotions always occuring here at Music & Arts, give us a call at: 215-443-7880 for more information!