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Upgrade your instrument for a low price!


Upgrade your instrument for a low price!

Here at Music and Arts we have everything you could possibly need as a musician! From Lessons to Step-Up instruments, we have you covered; With Upgrade Your Sound beginning in April, offering 18 months financing, 0% interest and $0 down on professional level instruments with approved credit, there isn’t a better time to stop on by. We are staffed with world renowned repair technicians with the best prices you can find in Houston, so you can trust Music & Arts to keep your current instrument playing as if it were brand new! Not only does Music and Arts have an already-famous rent-to-own program for student-level instruments, but payments toward any currently rented instrument can also be used toward the purchase of a brand new rentable instrument via our Exchange-to-Purchase (ETP) deals; And with any Instrument rental, when you decide to pay off the remaining balance, we take 30% off the remaining Sub-Total. You are always entitled to a new instrument rental whenever you’d like, for example. Say that Johnny has been playing on a cornet for the past 2 years, and the band director says it’s time to upgrade to a trumpet (have the instrument or rental contract with you when you call if possible). Say that you have paid $900 into the cornet, if you come into our stores, we can exchange that instrument for a trumpet. We always have our customers’ interest in mind so, say that I have a new Yamaha or Bach trumpet for $1,200. We can take $900 off the $1200 value of the trumpet AND take off an addition 30% the subtotal. If you pay the difference that day the instrument is yours to own. No more monthly payments! With all we have to offer in-store, we can’t help but wonder why you aren’t already here. We look forward to helping you get the best deals, here, at Music and Arts!