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Back to School Rental Season


Back to School Rental Season

by Diego

Its Back To School Season! Which means Music and Arts has Special Deals just for you! During the months of August and September we're offering a Rental Trial Period of $5 for your first month on Band and Orchestral Instruments* We have your schools preference list on hand so we know exactly what you need, and will be glad to assist you with any questions you may have. So what are you waiting for? Swing on by today at 8600 Jameel Rd. St.#120 and we will be glad to help fufill your needs.

*Some Rental items are $15 for the first month.

Si necesitan un instrumento de banda o orquesta, llame o visitenos. Nuestra direccion es 8600 Jameel Rd. Ste. #120. Nuestro programa de renta siempre sera renta-a-compra asi que cada pago que usted hace, parte de ese pago va a la compra del instrumento. Solo necesitamos una tarjeta de debito o credito.