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June - Supporting the community through music!


June - Supporting the community through music!

by Diego

This month we are offering many oppourtunities to provide free music lessons the general public, especially our young musicians who have just finished the school year. On Tuesday the 12th, our Tuesday guitar instructor Pierre Salcedo went out with me to Jersey Village Civic Center, and gave a 2:30 hour lesson to 8 individuals ages 4-14, and within 30 minutes they were all strumming along to WE WILL ROCK YOU! Saturday the 23rd we will host another masterclass witih Mr. Salcedo at 11AM & another at 1PM. If you want to see family members spark an interest in music instead of being stuck in front of the TV for long hours bring them down to our lesson studio! We have bilingual teachers, offer accordion lesson, singing, woodwind, brass, orchestral, swing on by or call to reserve a seat and a guitar for our guitar class!