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Spring time activities & events


Spring time activities & events

by Diego

Enjoy the spring time with Music & Arts! If you are a brass player looking to get a taste of our lesson studio program, we will have a free 1 hour class with our Brass instructor John St. Julian, who has a B.M in trumpet performance. We currently have trumpet and trombone players signed up, so if you want to be a part of the event, feel free to call or email us to sign up!


Since we are having a master class with Brass players it will be fitting to have a Woodwind counterpart. The class will go over the fundamentals of woodwind playing, reed embouchure, wind control, and much more. If this peeks your interest call and reserve a seat.


If you are interested in upgrading your sound whether your in 8th grade going to High school or a professional performer seeking to find your own individual sound , we will be hosting a event with plenty of Professional Horns for you to try.  We will have special financing options with 36 months , 0% interest for qualifying customers. If you'd like to be set up an appointment to play test higher end model instruments  let us know, the event will take place in May, and rooms fill up fast!