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      About Andrew Harper

      Andrew Harper
      Andrew Harper
      Music Teacher, Expert
      Location: Birmingham, AL
      Speaks: English

      Get to know Andrew Harper


      1. Education: Bachelor's in Music from the University of Alabama. I also started a Masters in Music Ed Montevallo, but ultimately changed course.

      2. 13 years of teaching.

      3. No note worthy awards, though some of my compositions have been included in art pieces and short films in various festivals.

      4. My philosophy for music instruction is that music is deeply human and accessible to all of us. A music teacher needs to provide the structure for well rounded musicianship while remaining malleable in their approach to accommodate a student's individual interests and needs.

      5. Over my teaching career, I have had the honor of writing letters of recommendation for students going on to study music in college, and seen students go on to pursue careers in music. Whether it's overcoming performance anxiety, learning to compose, or mastering elusive musical techniques, my proudest moments have been watching my students succeed.

      6. My musical superpower is probably composition and song writing. Music theory came alive when I stopped approaching it as a formula and began viewing it as the study of why we like what we like in common musical structures.  

      If you would prefer I can type this up in a paragraph format. I just based this off what I saw online.


      Andrew Harper 
      Andrew Harper teaches at:
      4673 Highway 280 East STE 7
      Birmingham, AL 35242
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