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About John Rodriguez

John Rodriguez
John Rodriguez
Music Teacher, Professional
Location: Tucson, AZ
Speaks: English
Instructs: Bass Guitar, Guitar, Ukulele

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Career Summary

Guitar instructor offering over fifteen years of teaching experience with students of all ages, all level of ability and interests. Johnny has twenty years of Jazz/Electric studies and twelve years of Classical and Flamenco theory and composition. Innovative approach to guitar developing own ergonomic techniques to maximize speed and accuracy with less movement in hybrid pentatonic picking, legato and tapping techniques. He specializes in the use of altered scales, improvisation, barrowing scales from different keys, thinking ahead of the cord while keeping it tasteful. Brings excitement to his teaching style by tailoring each each lesson to a student’s strengths and finds encouraging ways to keep students motivated while they grow their own love of music.

Proficiency Offered

  • Thorough familiarity with a variety of students; primary age, adolescent/teens, adult, as well as students with physical and/or mental health differences.
  • Comprehensive background in Educational Programs; developed lesson plans and schedules.
  • Knowledge in teaching guitar technique, theory and composition in jazz, flamenco, classical and electric.
  • Proficient in guiding individuals and groups for performing in a musical ensemble.
  • Specializes in hybrid techniques for speed, accuracy, efficiency and tastefulness.
  • Innovator of style of music that blends jazz, classical and flamenco with metal shred.
  • Able to offer guitar seminars on innovative guitar techniques and styles.

Musician Statement

Hi I'm Johnny. I grew up with a musical family where everyone was always having a good time jamming around the house. I started taking guitar seriously in the seventh grade and haven’t stopped loving the exploration of the instrument since. I continued to expand my learning in two years of high school Composition Jazz Band and two years of college Jazz Band. Studying Classical and Flamenco guitar was inspired by my Spanish heritage and has matured my electric playing a more tasteful musical quality. My electric guitar playing has made my classical more aggressive and modern. Because of this any style is just waiting to bust out into a new style at any moment. From my foundation of theory and composition I branched out on my own coming to the point where music has no genre, for me everything blends together no matter what style it is. The notes that don't fit are my favorite notes. Due to a bad tendinitis/carpal tunnel injury I had to reinvent my own style of playing that uses only natural, painfree movements of the fingers which led me to faster, cleaner and ergonomically hybrid techniques to avoid pain and further injury. These new technique helped maximize speed and accuracy with less movement. Although I am a serious technique geek I am also very goofy and often use humor in my teaching which allows students to learn faster because they are comfortable. I truly believe above all the most important thing is to educate and have fun! I enjoy teaching more than performing these days because for me it is more important to educate than to entertain...and don't forget to love on your dog and goats!

John Rodriguez teaches at:
8320 Thornydale Rd Suite 150/170
Tucson, AZ 85741
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