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About Randall Eyles

Randy Eyles
Randall Eyles
Music Teacher, Master
Location: Alexandria, VA
Speaks: English
Instructs: Percussion

Get to know Randall Eyles

Randall Eyles has a long multifaceted career as a performer and educator. Shortly after his first pay gig on drum set (age 12), he started teaching his first drum student. Five years later he was teaching more than 20 students and playing drum set gigs every weekend. More than fifty years later he still enjoys freelance performing and teaching private students in Alexandria, Virginia.

His publications include Golden Age of the Xylophone, Freckles Rag, Mallets for Young Beginners, Raggedy Ragtime Rags, and Green Xylophone Rags.

His playing credits include the United States Air Force Band as Principal Percussion and soloist. David Maslanka’s “Concerto for Marimba and Band” and Floyd Werle’s “Golden Age of the Xylophone” were both commissioned specifically for Randall Eyles. As marimba and xylophone soloist he has been featured on record album, cassette, compact disc recordings; television and radio broadcasts, and concert tours of the United States, Japan, the People’s Republic of China, Belgium, England, France and Germany.

Eyles studied at the University of Illinois and completed his Masters and Doctorate in percussion performance at the Catholic University of America.

“Active music making is good for our overall well-being. I love it and I love teaching.” December 2, 2020

Randy Eyles

Randall Eyles teaches at:
4664 King St
Alexandria, VA 22302
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