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About Summer Reese

Summer Reese
Summer Reese
Music Teacher, Expert
Location: Charlotte, NC
Speaks: English
Instructs: Piano

Get to know Summer Reese

Hello, my name is Summer and I have been teaching with Music & Arts since June 2018! I absolutely love seeing my students achieve their goals, and become independently capable of reading and playing the music they want to learn. I purse teaching to share my love of music, instill confidence in my students, and see them thrive! Music has always been a constant element in my life; from my dad exposing us to jazz and oldies to playing and writing my own music as well, there are countless opportunities found within the realm of music. Sharing 7 years with my choir and church in using music to worship, as well as finding healing through music are a few reasons of why this is so dear to me, and why I work to encourage its passion in others.

As a piano instructor, I focus heavily on theory and fundamentals because I want my students to have the foundation and ability to move forward with the confidence to play the music they want to play on their own with a high level of proficiency. With my beginners, we learn the basics of theory and sight reading, equipping them for the repertoire we will cover. For my more advanced students, aside from delving deeper into theory, we will also spend time on our scales and a multitude of chord inversions, allowing them to adapt to whichever genre or style they are interested in pursuing.

I would love for each of my students to have the ability to move forward in life with music as a central aspect that may in turn serve them both personally and professionally. Leaving self-sufficient in their ability to read and interpret music for themselves.

Please reach out if you have any questions or are interested in taking lessons!

Summer Reese teaches at:
8046 Providence Rd Suite C
Charlotte, NC 28277
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