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      About Susan Hawthorne

      Susan Hawthorne
      Susan Hawthorne
      Music Teacher, Master
      Location: Tucson, AZ
      Speaks: English
      Instructs: Piano, Voice
      Education: BME, Wichita State University
      Performance Experience: Soloist and member of Wichita Chorale Society, WSU Madrigals, Tucson Sinfonia da Chiesa, and Lane Justus Chorale; NATS competition 3rd place; Wycliffe benefit concert soloist; Pianist / singer at Thornydale Family Church; Soprano section ringer, guest soloist for St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church; saxophonist with Retro Swing 7, Oro Valley Jazz Band, Saddlebrooke Winds and Strings, and NICO Intergenerational Orchestra; Composer and producer of an annual CD; weekly music streaming for SIL.
      Teaching Experience: Wichita USD 259, 1 year; Zion UMC, chancel choir director, 4 years; Mitla Home-school Co-op, 1 year; First E Free Church of Tucson (now The Journey), children's choir director, 3 years; Thornydale Family Church, chime choir and adult choir director, 4 years; Home studio voice and piano teacher, 40 years.
      Teaching Philosophy: Caring is key. I strive to build a program that resonates with each student according to their interest and abilities, including lots of fun, enrichment, and confidence-creating affirmation. Healthy voice and piano technique is my priority. For those who wish it I can help them become composers of their own music as well. I give singers access to their whole range without vocal strain.

      Get to know Susan Hawthorne

      Positive and Caring

      I’m an upbeat, patient and encouraging teacher, who helps students recognize their gifts and celebrate their progress. I love working with students of all ages. Entry-level fun from games, props, progress charts, and visual aids helps engage the imaginations of my youngest students. With experienced students, I help them refine their skills and reach their personal goals.

      Calling Future Composers and Artists

      I give my pianists chances to write their own music, while talking about the elements that make up their favorite songs. Since many artists sing and play at the same time, I encourage interested students to learn to do this also (but no pressure). As a voice teacher, I’m glad to help them “find their voice.”

      Quality Virtual Lessons from an Audio Studio

      Excellent audio equipment, multiple cameras, and visual presentation software help make my virtual teaching as clear as possible. I can help individuals locate settings and equipment that will increase the quality of what comes from their end too.

      Learning Styles and Needs

      I value students’ individuality, teaching with understanding of different learning styles, gifts, and cultures. When I sense a student is in a possible slump, I seek a new way to perk their interest. Giving students ownership of their learning is important to me. I’m also sensitive to special needs and family challenges. Joy is contagious, and laughter is the often-heard sound that joins with the music coming from my studio!

      Bring it out—Don’t burn it out!...a Healthy Voice :-)

      A degree in vocal music education plus years of further study and experience equip me to teach healthy, age-appropriate techniques for breathing, resonance, diction, ear-training and stage presence. No one wants vocal damage, so I teach the way to get volume without getting nodes. Whether you want to prepare for an audition, become a better sight-reader, or simply learn to sing the songs you love, I can help!

      Senior learners and Instrumentalists Wanted!

      Since I am both of these, (having picked up some of my instruments late in life), I applaud and relate to those adding enrichment to their life by adding a musical outlet! I sing and play in my church’s worship band, as well as in Retro Swing 7 (a small jazz combo, where I play saxophone). I have also participated in Saddlebrooke Winds and Strings, Oro Valley Jazz Band, and NICO inter-generational orchestra. Over the years I have conducted both adult and children’s choirs, chime choirs, and done productions with home-school students. I say to us all, “Keep the music coming!”

      Susan Hawthorne teaches at:
      8320 Thornydale Rd Suite 150/170
      Tucson, AZ 85741
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