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"Upgrade Your Sound" Fall Season 2015


"Upgrade Your Sound" Fall Season 2015

by Daniel

Hey Folks,

Dan over here at your Music & Arts in Downtown Issaquah, just wanted to check in to see how the school year is going so far! For all of you returning to- or just beginning- high school, marching band season is in full swing and from parades to sporting events music is in the air! Now some of you may be noticing that you’ve outgrown the capabilities of your instrument, and that it could be time to upgrade to something that will meet the needs of a more experienced player (that’s you!).

I certainly understand the limits of any student-level instrument; as a guitar and woodwind player, there came a point in high school where, after playing for a several years, I noticed I was having a hard time playing the more advanced music presented to me. One day, I got the chance to play a nicer instrument a friend was kind of enough to lend me, and I couldn’t believe my ears: the difference in tone and playability was astounding. All of a sudden, those notes that were so hard to hit were almost effortless! I also started to understand the deeper meaning behind good tone, and realized that, while the player is the driving force behind any good sound, the instrument really does make an impact and can either help or hinder the player.

That being said, I’d like to introduce a tradition here at M&A we like to call “Upgrade Your Sound,” or “UYS” for short. UYS is our semi-annual sale geared towards further advancing the musician who has outgrown his/her instrument. Not only does this sale include a discount on all step-up band and orchestra instruments, but we are also offering special financing for qualified customers. Most brands are also offering $50 and $100 rebates on instruments, making this literally the best time of the year to purchase a new, upgraded instrument.

Worried about selection or variety??? Worry no more. We are now fully stocked with all instruments from all major brands, including Yamaha, Buffet, Powell Sonare, P. Mauriat, Pearl, Eastman and Howard Core. Any special requests can be communicated right here on our page, just E-mail any one of us here and we’d be happy to get your requests in!

Thanks for checking in with us!

Until next time,

Dan Underkofler