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Event Recap: String Showcase


Event Recap: String Showcase



This past April 30th marked the annual String Showcase Event at Itasca! This event, the largest string instrument sales event in Illinois, offered customers the opportunity to check out a large assortment of intermediate and professional-level orchestral instruments. This year’s String Showcase featured vendors from Howard Core, Eastman, and Yamaha as well as Itasca’s in-house luthier and several of our local education representatives.

Parents and students enjoyed the chance to play test various models of violins, violas, and cellos, many trying out the electric instruments! Over 40 customers attended the event, the majority leaving with a new found string companion. All players, from the budding intermediate to the seasoned veteran, benefited from working with our on-site instrument specialists. Some enjoyed a demonstration of the different cellos, while others used their expertise in choosing a new violin bow. Overall, everyone seemed to have a lot of fun with the entire experience!

We thank our team of specialists and the rest of the Music and Arts Team, and our customers especially, all of whom have made this year’s String Showcase a great success! Until next year, Happy Playing!

Angeline De Leon

Strings Specialist

Music and Arts Itasca