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Event Recap: String Showcase 2015


Event Recap: String Showcase 2015

Last month at Music and Arts Itasca was a particularly exciting one, as April 18th marked our annual String Showcase Event! This event, the largest string instrument sales event in Illinois, offers customers the opportunity to check out an exclusive assortment of intermediate and professional-level orchestral instruments. In addition to including hundreds of string instruments from various makers, including Otto Benjamin, Rudoulf Doetsch, Howard Core, Eastman Strings, Yamaha, and more, our showcase features the support and expertise of several on-site string specialists to help ensure that customers select the instrument that’s right for them.

This year’s String Showcase was not only one of our largest as a nation-wide company, but was also one of the most successful. We teamed up with vendors from Howard Core, Eastman, and Yamaha, all of whom did a fantastic job demonstrating all the different instruments and teaching customers one-on-one about the key features between various models. Truly making the showcase a community event, we were also joined by our Music and Arts Fox Valley location and several of the education representatives in the local area. We even had our on-site luthier in attendance, who helped make sure all our string instruments sounded their very best.

With hundreds of string instruments under one roof and over 50 families participating in the event, this April’s String Showcase was a whirlwind of curiosity, passion, and excitement. Parents and students alike enjoyed the chance to test out some of the most high-end instruments available, and almost everyone took the opportunity to at least touch the outlandish, exotic-looking electric violins and cellos on display! All players, from the budding intermediate to the seasoned veteran, benefited from working with our on-site instrument specialists, some enjoying an intimate demonstration of the different cellos available and others finding a recommendation for the best bow to pair with their new violin. Overall, everyone seemed to have a lot of fun with the entire experience!

Directly or indirectly, everyone at the event took part in the unique process of discovering, connecting, and making an instrument a special part of someone’s life. Our String Showcase represents the cornerstone of Music and Arts as a company, providing a platform through which people, communities, and organizations can connect through the common love of music. We thank our team of specialists and the rest of the Music and Arts Team, and our customers especially, all of whom have made this year’s String Showcase a true success! See below for pictures of some of the happy musicians who got a new instrument at the event. Happy Playing!

Angeline De Leon

Strings Specialist

Music and Arts Itasca