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How to upgrade your instrument on a budget?


How to upgrade your instrument on a budget?

by Sean

During our sales event, Upgrade your Sound,  we strive as hard as possible to help young musicians succeed as much as possible.

Even if purchasing a step up instrument is not in your budget, here are some great ways to make sure that you are upgrading YOUR sound!

1. Having your instrument adjusted in our repair shop.  
So often do we find that many students are playing in class with an instrument that is not in optimal wprking order.  Just because "it plays" doesn't mean it plays as well as it could.  A non-functioning instrument could impede your rate of growth and success.

2. Upgrading different traits on your instrument.
There are small things that make a BIG difference in sound. A professional mouthpiece drastically improves the tone and intonation of your wind instrument.
Putting higher level strings or a better bow can drastically improve how your orchestral string instrument plays.  

3. Private lessons.
I cannot stress how important having a private instructor is for a musician's growth.  This is by far the most effective way to improve your sound as a musician.  One half hour lesson, one on one, is worth weeks of instruction in a class full of 30-40 other students.


As always, if you have any questions on how YOU can upgrade your sound, feel free to visit the store or call us!