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Why Are Music Lessons Important?


Why Are Music Lessons Important?

by Alec


                Music is one of life’s great beauties that we all can create and enjoy. But to create, we must learn how to do so. Music lessons are important to students for a variety of reasons. Music increases math and comprehension scores. The tough college acceptance market is always looking for diverse candidates; music lessons help give you an edge on the college battlefield. Music also helps provide a safe and fun outlet for students to grow.

                One of the best reasons to take lessons is the academic benefits it produces. Music students do better overall in math and comprehension than that of their non-musical counterparts. Music lessons create an environment where the student has to analytically look at shapes and numbers and decide what to do with them. These reasoning skills are easily transferrable to the math and comprehension sections of their academic careers. These priceless skills will allow students become successful adults in the future.

                On a similar note, colleges are becoming harder and harder to get into. With our global economy, rising college applicants are not only competing with students in their own state or country, they are competing with student applications from all over the globe. Students these days need to have extracurricular activities and skills that allow them to stand out among the thousands of applicants. One of the best things to have as an extracurricular activity on a college resume is music lessons. Pre-Law schools accept musicians more than any other field for one simple reason: being a musician requires dedication. You have to sit and focus on a piece of music for a long period of time to master it. Much like being a lawyer, where you have to sit and focus on stacks of paperwork. It requires patience, dedication, and time. Taking music lessons will help you stand out from the crowd.

                One of the many joys and benefits of a music program is that it provides and fun and safe learning environment for students. Students need to have an outlet to express themselves. Students are able to stay engaged longer and retain information easier when they are in music lessons outside of the classroom. These classes build the student’s self-confidence, their reasoning, and their test scores will be higher because of these programs.

                Here at Music and Arts, we are proud to have the largest music lesson program in the country. When we give over a million lessons a year, we are able to give back to the community. Our student’s growth will last generations and we are so excited to be part of the growth of thousands of students. We can’t wait to help you along your musical career!


You can learn more about our lesson program by clicking on the "Take Lessons" tab at the top of the screen and also, you can learn about our amazing teachers from our store's home page!


-Alec Angell