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Why Should I Upgrade My Instrument?


Why Should I Upgrade My Instrument?

by Alec

It’s been a few years since starting my music education. I started out on a little keyboard from our local music store. It was the cheapest one available. My parents didn’t want to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars starting me out on a real piano or a complex, high tech digital piano. They started me in an affordable range like what we have available here. After years of recitals, practicing, and fights over practicing, I had finally proven myself to get a real piano. My parents got me a real piano to play and it was a night and day differences. The keys were heavier; the sound was so much richer. The quality was so much higher than my original practice tool. Upgrading was the best decision my parents made for me in my musical career for a number of reasons. I was able to play better, faster, and more complex music. I was able to perform better at my recitals. I was able to do so much more with the piano than I could ever do with my little keyboard.

While you may not play piano, you can still upgrade your instruments for the same reasons my parents chose to upgrade my instrument. Whether it is a violin or a clarinet, higher level instruments can play on a higher level. Many students begin playing on a student level rental. Student level instruments are built to be durable, tough, and ready for sixth grade band rooms. With 120 twelve year olds in a room together for an hour, these instruments need to be built with a focus on their durability not for their sound quality. These instruments are fantastic on which to starting playing. They are exactly what you need in the beginning stages of your musical career. But as a musician matures, they need to an instrument that matures with them. The higher level instruments will have higher quality materials in them. Upgraded clarinets, for example, are made of wood. Upgraded trumpets are made of silver. Trombones will have a trigger and extra brass wrappings. Flutes will be made of silver and have extra keys and triggers to play new and higher level notes. Violins are made with aged woods, with better strings and bows, the instruments will sound so much better with the students newly mastered skills. 

When you reach high school level music, you will be playing more complicated music. This music will require an instrument that is equipped with the tools necessary to play this music. Entry level instruments will be geared toward entry level music. Whereas the opposite is true for upgraded instruments. The music will require harder scales, higher notes, faster tempos. When picking out an instrument you have to ask yourself a few questions. What your musical goals are in life? Will you be going to college for music? Will I be in marching band or concert band or both? These the important questions students will have to ask themselves. If you want to keep pace with the competitive musical world, you will need to have a competitive instrument. 

While the competitive instruments are in a higher price range, here at Music & Arts, we have events and specials all the time for advancing players. For strings player we have the String Showcase which takes place this Saturday the 23rd! This the largest showing of violins, violas, cellos, and basses in one place all year long! For band kids, we have Horns of Plenty in the fall. This is where we fill an auditorium size room full of woodwind and brass instruments and have the representatives from all the top brands there to help! Coinciding with these large events, we have Upgrade Your Sound. Every spring and fall, we offer 10% off all instruments $299 or more with special financing options and rebates on certain brands to make upgrading your instrument so much easier. All of the experts here are able to help you find the instruments that will help you achieve superiors on your solos, ace those playing test, and get you first chair in your band or orchestra.  

Spring Upgrade your sound has already begun, so we are now offering 10% off! Come by today and find your next instrument. You’ll know it when you hear it!