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Back to School! Back to School!


Back to School! Back to School!

by Alec

The season is upon us! It is that magical time when pencils are sharpened and our children just can't wait to get back in the classroom (some at least).  Your child may have come home from school excited that they want to play a musical instrument in the school's band or orchestra and that is great news! Music is a great way to mold young minds and compliment all other aspects of their education - math, reading, history, problem solving, creative thinking, among many others! Now, you may be wondering where you are going to get that trumpet or violin that your child is so excited about and that's where Music & Arts can help! We have been preparing for the back to school season and are currently stocked with hundreds of rental instruments that start at just a one-time payment of $19.99 for the first 3 months!  When you rent with us, you have return and exchange options if your child decides to change his/her mind and our rental program is 100% rent to own so any payments you make are put toward the purchase of the instrument when you are ready.  We also have all of the books and accessories you'll need for your music as well so stop by and check out our back to school sales!

See you at Music & Arts!

Alec, Store Manager